The 10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Looking for the best applicant tracking system to streamline recruitment? You've come to the right place. See if any of our choices are a match for your organization

The 10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems
  1. SmartRecruiters    
  2. Workable
  3. Jobvite    
  4. JobDiva
  5. Teamtailor    
  6. Zoho Recruit
  7. JazzHR    
  8. Recruitee
  9. Hireology    
  10. Manatal

An applicant tracking system or ATS provides HR teams with efficient, time-saving tools to streamline the recruitment process. Resumes from applicants are collected, sorted, and organized. Applicant tracking systems help keep tabs on applicants by consolidating this data, resulting in a more organized pool of potential hires.

Some programs also include sophisticated job-posting capabilities and relationship-building apps. Since it may function independently and as part of a larger portfolio of HR management solutions, applicant tracking systems have earned a reputation for flexibility.

A complete talent acquisition ecosystem can be built when the best applicant tracking system is combined with onboarding software and recruitment marketing tools.

There are many applicant tracking systems to choose from, and we’ve narrowed it down to 10 of the best. Here they are, listed in no specific order:

SmartRecruiters                                                                                SmartRecruiters logo         

SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based platform that elevates and streamlines talent acquisition. It simplifies applicant tracking, transforms recruitment with user-friendly tools, fosters collaboration, seamlessly integrates with existing systems, and harnesses AI-driven efficiency. Its mobile accessibility makes it an ideal solution for modern recruitment needs.

SmartRecruiters Features

The platform offers an array of robust features:

  • Comprehensive functionality: SmartRecruiters manages recruitment from job posting to onboarding. A central platform simplifies hiring.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform is simple for recruiters and job searchers. Its interface design enhances user experience.
  • Collaborative hiring: SmartRecruiters streamlines hiring by centralizing communication, feedback, and evaluations, reducing emails and spreadsheets.
  • Integration capabilities: The platform integrates job ads, assessments, background checks, and HR systems. Integration streamlines processes, minimizes manual data entry, and boosts productivity.
  • Candidate sourcing and screening: SmartRecruiters' AI-driven candidate sourcing and resume screening enable recruiters to identify top prospects quickly. These technologies save recruiters time and discover outstanding prospects.
  • Mobile accessibility: Recruiters can handle hiring on the move with SmartRecruiters' iOS and Android apps.  

For more reasons why SmartRecruiters is one of the best applicant tracking systems today, read our SmartRecruiters Review.



Workable logo

Workable is a powerful applicant tracking system designed to simplify the entire employee-employer journey. With a focus on bringing together innovative concepts, top-notch talent, and perfect job matches, Workable empowers companies to discover, hire, onboard, and oversee the best candidates for their requirements.

This all-inclusive platform seamlessly leads organizations through each phase, guaranteeing effective candidate attraction, assessments, requisitions, approvals, offer letters, onboarding, and continuous employee management.

Here are some features that make Workable one of the best applicant tracking systems:

Workable Features

Sourcing & Attracting Candidates

  • Job board posting for 200+ sites simultaneously
  • Automatic translation in six languages
  • Mobile-friendly searchable careers page
  • People Search for candidate filtering and shortlisting
  • Integration with LinkedIn’s Recruiter and similar platforms

Evaluating & Collaborating

  • Anonymized screening for fair evaluations
  • Interview kits and scorecards for objective assessments
  • Video interviews and Zoom integration
  • Cognitive and personality-based pre-employment tests
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook


  • Custom email templates for faster communication
  • Developer API tools for advanced reports and analytics
  • Fast-track approvals and compliance navigation
  • Sentiment analysis for feedback and improvement

Onboarding & Management

  • Customizable onboarding portal for new hires
  • Welcome messages and communication features
  • Templates for guiding new hires and tasks
  • Secure document storage and e-signatures
  • Employee self-editing and organizational chart

Service & Support

  • Award-winning support team with rapid response
  • ISO-certified for security and data protection

To find out more about this applicant tracking system, check out our Workable Review.



Jobvite logo

Jobvite is a talent acquisition software that streamlines the hiring process by bringing all recruitment aspects together within a user-friendly platform.

Managing the diverse stages of the talent journey can be overwhelming. Jobvite effectively tackles this challenge by providing a unified solution that covers every facet of talent acquisition.

Jobvite Features

  • Robust employer branding: Customizable career site showcases company values and culture
  • intelligent sourcing: Automated candidate engagement enhances the quality of hire
  • easy workflow configuration: Hiring processes are tailored by location, department, and role
  • Benchmark reporting: Compare hiring outcomes to industry standards for optimization
  • data-driven innovation: Insights for strategic recruitment throughout the talent lifecycle
  • AI-backed automation: Merging AI with a human touch for efficient recruiting
  • Integrations: Seamless integration with 300+ HCM tech solutions, including ADP and UKG

Find out the features that make JobVite among the best applicant tracking systems by reading our Jobvite Review.


JobDiva logo

JobDiva is an all-in-one software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that combines multiple tools, including applicant tracking software, customer relationship management (CRM), and vendor management system (VMS).

The software streamlines operations by syncing your company's job board subscriptions and VMS, enhancing the recruitment process.

JobDiva Features

Applicant Tracking System

  • Automates candidate sourcing and hiring tasks
  • Advanced technology refreshes talent pools in real time
  • Allows HR teams to focus on impactful work

Patented Search Technology

  • Searches candidates based on actual years of experience
  • Ensures candidates meet specific job requirements
  • Produces accurate shortlists tailored to job requirements
  • Identifies top candidates quickly

Resume Harvester

  • Automates resume sourcing from online postings
  • Filters results based on job requirements

Candidate Marketing

  • Engages specific talent pools with customizable messages
  • Avoids duplicate candidate contacts
  • Provides email receptivity analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

  • Offers real-time insights into finances, job placements, and productivity
  • Exportable and shareable BI reports


  • AI-powered matching for future redeployment
  • Builds a strong candidate pool efficiently

VMS Synchronization

  • Syncs data from major Vendor Management Systems
  • Real-time job requirement syncing
  • Harvests talent from your organization's subscriptions
  • Access real-time data updates and business insights
  • Collects and indexes data from major VMS
  • Aligned with stakeholders in the service pipeline

For more on one of the best applicant tracking systems in the industry, read our JobDiva Review.


Teamtailor logoTeamtailor is a versatile applicant tracking system designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. It’s user-friendly and efficient, empowering HR professionals in improving their hiring decisions. This is one of the reasons why Teamtailor is among the best applicant tracking systems available today.

Teamtailor Features

Employer Branding

  • Visual career sites that set companies apart
  • Showcase brand identity and attract candidates
  • Optimized career sites for visitor-to-applicant conversion
  • Customizable campaign pages with pre-built templates

Candidate Experience

  • The connect feature keeps candidates engaged
  • Subscriptions and notifications for relevant job openings
  • Measure candidate satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys
  • Candidate chat and engagement

Recruit and Analyze

  • Customizable recruitment funnel and drag-and-drop candidate movement
  • Collaboration with internal teams for better results
  • Automation features like Triggers for efficient tasks
  • Analytics for data-driven decision-making and progress tracking

Don't miss our Teamtailor Review to learn more.


Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit logoZoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system and a CRM, unified in one efficient platform.

This all-encompassing package equips both staffing agencies and internal HR teams with essential tools to match ideal candidates with suitable positions.

Zoho Recruit offers a holistic solution for talent acquisition through its scalability, customization, and remote hiring capabilities. This platform empowers HR professionals to efficiently source top talent, manage resumes and interviews effectively, and prevent missing out on exceptional hires. These are just a few reasons why Zoho Recruit is one of the best applicant tracking systems in our book.

Zoho Recruit Features:

Source and Attract

  • Memorable candidate experience showcasing company culture
  • AI Candidate Matching by Zia, the AI assistant
  • Custom Branded Careers Site in over 25 languages
  • Social Recruiting through social media promotion
  • Exclusive Source Boosters for efficient candidate sourcing

Track and Engage

  • Streamlined Candidate Database from various sources
  • Talent Pipeline Management for tracking progress
  • Talent Pools categorizing candidates for speedier hiring
  • Candidate Portal for direct mobile-friendly engagement

Automate and Hire

  • Custom Workflows with tailored rules and notifications
  • Offer Letters with built-in e-signatures for swift approvals
  • AI Recruitment tools for efficient sourcing
  • KPIs, Custom reports, dashboards, and recruitment forecasting
  • Seamless onboarding process

To learn more about these and features, read our Zoho Recruit Review.


JazzHR logo JazzHR equips HR managers and recruiters with the tools they need to implement efficient and scalable recruitment strategies. The end result is a simple, streamlined hiring process.

JazzHR features tailored workflows, document management, collaboration tools, and streamlined communication channels. All this to ensure that HR professionals stay organized and efficient throughout the entire hiring journey.

JazzHR Features

Applicant Tracking

  • Tailor job posting workflows to your organization's needs
  • Use pre-built templates for efficient candidate communication
  • Sync email notifications seamlessly with JazzHR tasks

Candidate Experience

  • Incorporate branding into emails and career pages
  • Keep candidates informed at every step
  • Equip the hiring team with resources for effective interviews

Candidate Sourcing

  • Distribute postings to various channels, including job boards and social media
  • Attract candidates by highlighting your company as an ideal workplace
  • Review resumes on the go with Candidate Quick Screen

Collaborative Hiring

  • Collect timely feedback from the hiring team
  • Synchronize schedules across multiple calendars
  • Facilitate informed decision-making with candidate ranking

Compliance & Reporting

  • Easily meet reporting obligations
  • Generate customized reports for actionable insights
  • Monitor long-term recruitment trends through recruiting pipeline reports

Employer Branding

  • Enhance visibility across social media platforms through custom careers pages
  • Shape positive candidate experiences with branded message templates
  • Streamline interactions with automated messaging

Offers & eSignatures

  • Digitize new-hire paperwork for efficiency via eSignature
  • Easily access offer letters and documents with centralized document management

Our JazzHR Review goes over all the features that make JazzHR among the best applicant tracking systems in the market.


Recruitee logoRecruitee stands as a collaborative hiring platform that merges an applicant tracking system with indispensable recruitment tools. This all-inclusive software serves as a valuable asset for HR teams, offering effective candidate sourcing, screening, and recruiting capabilities.

Recruitee delivers a unified platform covering four key products: employer branding, job promotion, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking. Its user-friendly design streamlines the task of attracting and retaining top talent, all while ensuring organizational efficiency.

Across the globe, Recruitee has earned its reputation as the preferred software solution for numerous fast-growing SMBs. No list of the best applicant tracking systems would be complete without it.

Recruitee Features


  • Customizable pipelines
  • Role assignments and visibility settings
  • CareersHub for building a branded careers site
  • Multi-language functionality
  • API & Webhooks for seamless integrations


  • Multi-posting & smart campaigns to promote job openings
  • Access to 2,900+ free and paid job boards
  • ReferralsHub for employee referral programs


  • Fair evaluations for unbiased feedback
  • Knockout questions for automated pre-screening
  • Communication automation to engage applicants
  • Evaluation templates for standardized assessments


  • E-signature integrations for efficient onboarding
  • Talent pools to manage potential candidates


  • Reporting with personalized dashboards and custom reports
  • GDPR compliance and automation tools
  • Dedicated Customer Success team support

Learn about these features and more by reading our Recruitee Review.



Hireology is a versatile HR and recruitment platform, dedicated to simplifying talent acquisition and administrative processes for businesses.

With Hireology’s user-friendly system, HR teams gain the ability to effectively market job openings, streamline hiring procedures, and ensure post-hire productivity and compliance through a comprehensive suite of employee management tools.

Hireology takes the complexity out of recruiting and HR functions, enabling organizations to effortlessly attract, hire, and manage top talent through its unified approach.

Hireology Features

Candidate Pre-screening

  • Automated pre-screen surveys to filter out unqualified candidates efficiently
  • Saves HR time during initial candidate evaluation

Built-in Verification Options

  • Skills tests, background checks, and drug screens are available
  • Ensures that candidates' capabilities align with job requirements
  • Notifications are delivered within the platform for easy access

Candidate Communication

  • In-app messaging tools for seamless communication
  • Streamlines communication with candidates throughout the hiring process
  • Maintains confidentiality of personal contact details

Interview Guides and Scoring

  • Customizable and compliant interview guides
  • Immediate scoring of interviews to ensure consistent evaluations
  • Criteria-based candidate scoring for better decision-making

Our Hireology Review breaks down the key features that make it one of the best applicant tracking systems there is.



MaManatal logonatal emerges as a robust AI-powered recruiting software designed to accelerate candidate sourcing and hiring for HR teams, agencies, and headhunters. The platform empowers recruiters by simplifying the hiring process, granting access to a vast network of over 2,500 free and premium job boards, including Monster.

Manatal's AI engine automates tedious HR tasks and leverages AI-driven techniques to recommend the most suitable candidates for specific roles. This advanced approach enriches candidate profiles by combining data from more than 20 social media and public sources.

Its state-of-the-art technology streamlines candidate screening, fosters team collaboration, and optimizes top-tier talent recruitment.

Manatal Features

Recruitment Pipeline

  • Customizable stages
  • Visual drag-and-drop interface
  • Kanban and list views

Candidate Profiles and Scorecards

  • Centralized candidate profiles
  • Data aggregation from resumes and social media
  • Assessment scorecards for candidates
  • Custom evaluation forms

Search (including Boolean search!)

  • Powerful search across jobs, candidates, and more
  • Boolean search for advanced criteria
  • Custom field compatibility

Resume Formatting and Database

  • Automated resume reformatting
  • Branded and custom resume options
  • Cloud resume database management

Email and Calendar Sync

  • Integration with Outlook, Office365, and Gmail
  • Calendar integration with Outlook/Office365 and Google Workspace
  • Import past communications and data migration

Email Campaigns

  • Integration with email marketing tools like Mailchimp
  • GDPR-compliant email campaigns
  • Template configuration, tracking, and analytics

Candidate Assessments

  • Integration with assessment platforms like Codility
  • Sending and receiving assessment tests within Manatal

What makes Manatal one of the best applicant tracking systems? Read our complete Manatal Review to discover more.

How do I choose the right applicant tracking system for my business?

When choosing an applicant tracking system, focus on key features that match your needs. Some businesses need simple tools for occasional hiring, while others require efficient solutions for high-volume recruitment. Also, consider pricing, scalability, integrations, and customer reviews.

The size and recruitment process of your organization matters too. Smaller businesses may only need basic systems, while larger ones might need advanced solutions. Ensure that the applicant tracking system aligns with your recruitment process, whether manual or automated.

Going over this list of the 10 best applicant tracking systems is an important first step. Once you’ve made a shortlist, read the individual reviews for each applicant tracking system. That should help you make your final choice.

For tailored insights into other HR tools, explore our HR software reviews page.

Which one among the best applicant tracking systems on our list is your top choice? Share your views in the comments section below:


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