15 things to get right in workplace learning culture

15 things to get right in workplace learning culture

L&D leaders have the opportunity to improve employee experiences and worker retention by implementing positive learning cultures, yet many leaders struggle to even define their learning culture, let alone build or improve one.

Download Degreed’s full report to learn the 15 characteristics that all positive learning cultures have in common, with insights from more than 2,400 global workers on what the best companies get right about their learning opportunities and where others go wrong.

Download now and gain insight into:

  • The business value of a positive learning culture
  • Why employees need consistent guidance on what and how to learn
  • The importance of diverse and active development experiences
  • Why regular feedback and insights on progress reinforce learning
  • How to create opportunities for workers to practice, apply, and stretch skills
  • Actionable steps to create a more positive learning culture



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