Workplace safety front and center in new ad campaign

The ads tell the stories of workers and families

Workplace safety front and center in new ad campaign

Workers’ compensation groups in Atlantic Canada and the labour department in Nova Scotia have teamed up to raise awareness on the importance of workplace safety through a series of powerful ads.

The campaign tells the stories of workers and families who are dealing with the trauma of a workplace injury or fatality. The ads, which began airing this month, focus on the impact of the incidents on the lives of workers and their loved ones and the importance of preventing mishap at work.

Each year, some 15,000 workers in Atlantic Canada lose time at work over employment-related injuries. Nova Scotia has reportedly made significant progress in the past 10 years, yet the impact of workplace injury on the province is “still too high,” said Stuart MacLean, CEO of WCB Nova Scotia.

“Behind every statistic is a person and a family whose lives have been changed by a workplace injury,” MacLean said. “We’re proud to be a part of this campaign with our Atlantic partners, and we hope it will get people to think and act differently when it comes to safety in the workplace.”

Workplace safety is also a factor behind productivity. MacLean pointed out how workplace injuries and time lost to them have a direct impact on Nova Scotia’s economic progress.


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