Talent wars: Three questions to ask before making an offer

With the new year now upon us, HR should have recruitment on their minds

Talent wars: Three questions to ask before making an offer
With the new year now upon us, HR should have recruitment on their minds. January is known for employees leaving roles and searching for new ones, and as such recruiters need to get their head in the game in order to secure the best talent.

But how should HR leaders go about selecting and attracting the top tier candidates? How can you most effectively sort the wheat from the chafe – and separate yourself from your competitors?

We spoke to Emma Hunt, Head of Talent Acquisition at Logojoy, who revealed to us her top tips on identifying your future leaders.

“When you're identifying top talent, there's a couple of questions you have to ask yourself along the way,” explained Hunt. She went on to tell us three questions she thinks you should be asking yourself before you make a candidate an offer. We’ve listed them, along with her comments, below.

Are they passionate about what they do?
“Look at how they talk about their role,” added Hunt, “how they explain past successes or initiatives they were involved in, why they're interested in your company, take note of their tone, body language and enthusiasm.”

Are they curious?
“Interviews should be a two-way conversation, and always bear that in mind as an interviewer. Look at if they're asking questions to dig deeper into the role and organization and even your role and experience. Are they eager to learn more than just the top-level stuff?”

Are they open to feedback?
“Have they ever made a mistake and learnt from it? Look at what they've learnt from past experiences and how that's helped them grow into the person they are today.”

January is the most popular month for jobseekers, with job applications growing up to 75% above the average. So, don’t slip behind your competitors, and ensure you ask these questions to secure the best new hires you can.

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