Motivation is the name of the Game

How can you tap into an employee's inner motivations, to encourage discretionary effort and true engagement?

Motivation is the name of the Game

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else”- Albert Einstein

As an employer, you want your employees to be actively engaged and motivated, however, employees must choose to motivate themselves, and the organization’s responsibility is to provide an environment for that to happen.  But how do you create an environment that can equally motivate everyone? After all not everybody is motivated by the same stimuli and we all have different triggers that cause us to become engaged.

It starts with you. Motivation is contagious and being a good role model is an excellent place to begin.  Good role models show passion for their work, they also show the ability to overcome obstacles and consistently show that success is possible.

 Equally as important is that the organization’s vision is clearly defined with roles and a career path mapped out for all employees. Career paths help employees identify opportunities that exist and provide them with achievable goals, but the paths must be visible and supported by the organization.   

In addition, employees need to feel empowered; with empowerment comes a greater sense of responsibility and a sense of ownership. This, in turn, will lend itself to greater creativity and loyalty and a sense that work is meaningful.  

Finally, there is no greater sense of achievement for employees than being rewarded for their accomplishments. Rewards heighten the level of commitment, they improve relationships between co-workers and they help to support a positive working atmosphere.


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