Is this the strangest place to look for candidates?

This unusual hiring move can attract valuable employees while positioning your company as a CSR leader

Is this the strangest place to look for candidates?
nching a recruitment campaign in a post-war country might sound like an extreme CSR initiative but one business leader claims it’s well within reach for many HR professionals.

Lilia Stoyanov is the CEO of Transformify – a remote working platform which was originally launched to provide job opportunities to people made redundant as a result of business restructuring.

“I was a director at Coca Cola Enterprises for Europe and a lot of people were losing their jobs or were about to lose their jobs because of business transformation processes,” says Stoyanov.

“They have children, they have mortgages, they have commitments, they can’t just relocate, they can’t leave their life behind but there are no jobs for them where they live.”

As a result, Stoyanov was inspired to develop Transformify – a platform which automates the recruitment process and manages billing, sub-billing and payments to make it possible for companies to recruit workers regardless of either party’s location.

While the platform is an effective recruitment tool and can connect organizations with employees who may be able to fill vital talent gas, Stoyanov says it’s also possible to bring corporate social responsibility into the mix too.

“We are very active in post-war zones,” she reveals. “Each country that is a post-war zone is politically unstable for at least 10 years, if not more so no business would be willing to establish a subsidiary or a branch there – but we can help them provide jobs to these people.

“This way, they do not undertake any risk and they do not have a legal presence in this country but they help to rebuild to local societies because the cash that’s paid to these people helps to revitalize the local economy.”

According to Stoyanov, the hiring aligned with CSR not only brings loyal employees on board, it creates a culture which both workers and clients respect.

“Everyone is very sympathetic to them and the loyalty to the brand and the employer increases a lot,” she says. “It is not only the loyalty of the employees it is also the loyalty of the clients to the brand as well. Everyone wants to see the brand is doing something good for society.”

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