Embracing potential key to going the distance, says Momentum Ventures

Momentum Ventures on why attracting and retaining talent is about more than checking conventional boxes

Embracing potential key to going the distance, says Momentum Ventures

Attracting top talent and reducing turnover are vital in the success and growth of any dynamic organization, especially in today's competitive business environment — and nobody understands this better than Momentum Ventures.

“Each team member has a profound impact on our journey towards our goals,” says Matt Keezer, CEO at Momentum Ventures. “This understanding drives our commitment to a deliberate and thoughtful talent acquisition process.”

Using an approach centered on mutual compatibility between the company and potential employees, Momentum Ventures is not just filling positions. By taking the time to select candidates who align with company culture, they significantly enhance employee satisfaction and boost engagement. And although such a thorough process extends the time to hire, Bianca Cuffaro, Momentum Venture’s Human Resources Business Partner, calls it “a strategic decision that aims to minimize the costly implications of high turnover, which includes disrupted workflow, lowered morale, and the additional resources required for recruiting and training new hires.”

“Our goal is to attract individuals who are not just looking for a job, but seeking to be part of something bigger, where they can grow and thrive. Every hire is an important investment in the future of Momentum Ventures, and we strive to make each decision count towards building a strong, dedicated team that will drive the company forward.”

Start with strategy

Whenever a company is looking to onboard talent, it’s critical to implement effective strategies that find you the right people. Though specific development and execution depends on industry and size of the business, they all typically involve a multi-faceted approach that aims to attract and retain talent that suits an employer’s overall business ethos.

At a company like Momentum Ventures, soft skills are highly valued in recruitment. While education and experience are considered, finding the right people means going beyond a resume. Things like communication, adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork are top-of-mind, says Cuffaro, with interviews and assessments “designed to gauge passion, drive, and how they think and approach challenges.” This helps Momentum Ventures understand how the candidate might fit — or not — within the team, a crucial consideration as those who align with the company culture are more likely to be engaged and stay longer.

Bianca Cuffaro, Momentum Venture’s Human Resources Business Partner

Momentum Ventures relies on a holistic evaluation to delve deeper into the candidate’s personality, mindset, and potential to contribute to team dynamics, and that “employee fit” they’re seeking is the same across all subsidiaries, from startups like Flygreen to larger entities such as FlightHub and justfly.com. 

“It is possible to maintain core values across a broader and more diverse workforce if you scale these strategies effectively, ensuring that the essence of a company’s culture isn’t diluted with expansion but remains a constant objective,” Keezer says.

“Clear and consistent communication of our values and making sure they're not only articulated but also actively demonstrated at every level, starting with leadership, is crucial for fostering a unified and successful organization, no matter the size or stage of the business.”

More than compensation

Competitive pay is important — but it’s increasingly table stakes. Employees are seeking a holistic experience and value great benefit options, personal and professional growth opportunities, a balanced work-life dynamic, and a positive, inclusive company culture that resonates with them.

The appeal of benefits to new hires has evolved, with many now seeking a more comprehensive package that goes beyond traditional offerings. Momentum Ventures has responded to this shift by providing a wide range of benefits that meet diverse preferences, including extensive insurance coverage to provide security in employees’ personal and professional lives; RRSP and TFSA plans that include contribution matches; subsidies for fitness activities or gym memberships; travel benefits such as discounts on products available through the FlightHub or Justfly.com platforms; a generous Employee Referral Program; and monthly subsidies for electric vehicles or transit passes, in line with the company’s sustainability initiatives.  

Momentum Ventures also prioritizes employee growth by providing a continuous learning allowance for educational and professional development opportunities and ensures they celebrate employee accomplishments across the board. Regular company events and team-building activities promote camaraderie and a strong team spirit and are an integral part of a culture built on open communication channels, involved leadership, and a collaborative team atmosphere.

“These factors create a fulfilling work environment, leading to greater employee satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term commitment, beyond what compensation alone can achieve,” Cuffaro says. “By focusing on these strategies, we aim not just to hire top talent but to create a thriving community within our organization where every individual feels empowered to contribute their best.”

Embracing potential key to going the distance

The biggest piece of advice Cuffaro has for employers? Embrace potential beyond the resume: give more weight to a candidate’s experiences, don’t just check boxes on traditional requirements. This approach brings tremendous value by tapping into a wider talent pool, inviting fresh and innovative ideas, and building a more dynamic and resilient workforce.

“As an HR professional who transitioned successfully between industries, I've learned the importance of not limiting the talent search,” she says. “Broader skills and perspectives, like adaptability, problem-solving abilities, and eagerness to learn — which I relied on during my own career pivot — can often be just as or more valuable than specific industry knowledge. This mindset shift can transform the way we identify and nurture talent, leading to a workforce that's not only skilled but also adaptable and forward-thinking.”

And that, after all, is exactly what employers should be striving for in the current environment.

To learn more about Momentum Ventures, visit their website today.

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