Clean energy! CEOs pledge support for Biden job initiatives

More than 150 leaders share in the US president’s vision of a greener economy

Clean energy! CEOs pledge support for Biden job initiatives

Solving the climate crisis isn’t just a business challenge – it’s also an opportunity for job creation and innovation, according to more than 150 business and civic leaders who signed an open letter to US President Joe Biden.

But “the task ahead is enormous,” the collective known as Climate Power said, as they called on Biden to step up his climate initiatives.

“As we recover from COVID-19 and rebuild the global economy, we must also act on climate change. In fact, these are not separate missions; they are one and the same. This is the most decisive decade in human history to confront the climate crisis.”

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The signatories, which included titans of industry Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff and Arianna Huffington, pledged support for Biden’s green energy initiatives, which are a cornerstone of his political and economic platform. “Your commitment to build back better with clean energy jobs and tackling the legacy of environmental injustice is the consequential action that science and our future demands. We will work alongside you to realise this ambitious pursuit,” the group said.

In August, Biden posted on Twitter: “When I hear the words ‘climate change,’ I hear another word: ‘jobs.’ We can solve our climate crisis and our economic crisis at the same time.”

Under a US$2tn “accelerated investment” programme, the new administration aims to employ millions of engineering, construction, and skilled trade workers to build infrastructure for a clean energy economy.

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“These jobs will create pathways for young people and for older workers shifting to new professions, and for people from all backgrounds and all communities. Their work will improve air quality for our children, increase the comfort of our homes, and make our businesses more competitive,” Biden’s political programme said.

Climate Power also challenged Biden to make history and become the “‘climate president’ who led humanity away from the cliff’s edge”.

“You can transform the world’s energy systems from fossil fuels to clean energy, while also creating an abundance of jobs, reducing harmful pollution, and tackling economic, racial, and health inequality in the process,” they said. “Choosing to take bold leadership will allow us to build back better and to build forward to a new world we can create together.”

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