Should you invest in an HRIS?

HR technology isn’t just for big businesses - and if your company wants to grow, it might the key to your success

Should you invest in an HRIS?
you still consider human resource information systems (HRIS) as a costly investment that only large companies need to make, you might be hobbling your business’ growth.

Taking the plunge could cut your time spent using ad hoc HR processes, as well as boosting retention and helping make better informed decisions about your company’s future.

"Anybody who’s looking to grow would definitely benefit from an HRIS. It allows your processes to be streamlined, enabling your employees and managers to focus on where they’re mostly valuable, as well as your HR team to focus on becoming more strategic in the growth plan of the business,” says Sally De Rosa, chief HR officer at HRWize.

And it’s not just a tool for big business: an HRIS helps smaller companies master their strategic direction, and needn’t come at a massive expense.

In fact, says De Rosa, who will speak at the HR Tech Summit on June 27, the bigger cost may be opportunity loss from not implementing a system.

Not only will the technology cut time spent entering data into spreadsheets and other systems, but an HRIS can also have positive benefits for your company’s culture.

De Rosa gives the example of one client who is using a system of monthly – rather than yearly – performance reviews with employees.

“What that’s forcing is a monthly conversation that will prevent us from looking back and missing things that may cause terminations or resignations. In that case, that organisation saw a turnover rate cut in half from year over year, so there’s a correlation between how they implemented a tool and the fact that it created conversations preventing a high level of turnover.”

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