Saskatchewan company fined $46,000 after workplace injury

Worker's foot entangled in auger system leads to serious injury

Saskatchewan company fined $46,000 after workplace injury

Saskatchewan employer Pedigree Poultry has been fined a total of $46,000 after one of its workers was injured in the workplace.

The incident happened on July 10, 2021, near Regina Beach. On that day, a worker’s foot got entangled within a horizontal auger system. The worker suffered a serious injury. 

Earlier this year, the employer pleaded guilty in Regina Provincial Court to one violation of The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2020.

The company was fined for contravening clause 3-1 (a) of the regulations, or being an employer, failing “to provide and maintain plant, systems of work and working environments that ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of the employers workers, resulting in a serious injury to a worker),” said the Saskatchewa government.

The court imposed a fine of $32,857.14, with a surcharge of $13,142.86.

Previously, Saskatchewan-based Horizon Drilling was fined a total of $150,000 after a worker suffered serious injuries while attempting to diagnose a hydraulic line that was leaking hydraulic oil near the Kisbey village.

Auger system safety

According to the University of Arkansas System (UofA) Division of Agriculture, the following are among the typical incidents that result in auger-related injuries: 

  • contact with or entanglement in the exposed screw at the intake
  • entanglement in a drive belt
  • being struck by an uncontrolled spinning crank used to raise or lower the auger
  • entanglement in a PTO drive shaft
  • electrocution while moving a raised grain auger around the farmstead and contact with an overhead electrical wire
  • maintenance is neglected or overlooked
  • carelessness in auger handling
  • operator’s unfamiliarity with auger safety and operation
  • inexperienced youth labour

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