Court tells Ontario resident to stop using the title ‘engineer’

Resident was previously convicted of the same crime of presenting himself as engineer even though he is not licensed

Court tells Ontario resident to stop using the title ‘engineer’

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto has ordered an Ontario resident to refrain from using the title “engineer”.

Issued on May 28, 2024, the court order prohibits Amr Adel Mousta Robah, also known as Amr Robah, from engaging in the practice of professional engineering, offering engineering services to the public, using the title of "professional engineer" or "P.Eng." or "Eng." as an occupational or business designation, and making or using an engineering seal, without an engineering licence.

The court also ordered Robah to pay costs of over $88,000 to Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

Previously, an Alberta professor suggested that only practicing doctors be allowed to refer to themselves as such. That’s because the current rules around the use of the title can be harmful to patients.

Resident previously found guilty of misusing an engineer's seal

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s decision on Robah comes after the PEO sought the court order “in the interest of public safety”. 

Robah continued to represent himself as an engineer and misuse engineers' seals throughout the Greater Toronto Area following a 2018 conviction for similar violations of the Professional Engineers Act, the PEO noted.

In December 2018, Robah pled guilty before the Ontario Court of Justice for misusing an engineer's seal on six occasions contrary to sections 40(2)(c) and 40(3)(b) of the act.

On Dec. 6, 2018, Robah signed an "Acknowledgement, Agreement and Undertaking" which also stated that until such time he obtains a licence or temporary licence from PEO under the Act, he will not represent himself as an "engineer" or "Eng." Robah and his company were fined $27,500, noted the PEO.

“Following this conviction, Robah continued to hold himself out to the public as a professional engineer, including by using ‘Eng.’; after his name to wrongly imply he was qualified to practise engineering. Additionally, Robah submitted municipal permit applications purportedly stamped with the seals of two professional engineers without their knowledge or consent,” said the PEO.

Robah is a senior project manager at YEJ Studio + Consulting Inc. and is registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing as a Building Code Identification Number holder.

However, this authorization does not permit Robah to act as or hold himself out to act as a licensed engineer pursuant to the act, said the PEO.

“Robah has never held a licence, temporary licence, limited licence, provisional licence, or certificate of authorization, nor acted under and in accordance with a certificate of authorization, under the provisions of the act.”

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