New workplace culture will drive success, study says

Empowering employees to be their most creative is biggest challenge to most businesses

New workplace culture will drive success, study says
adian companies recognize they must foster a new work culture that would drive creativity and engagement among their employees if they want to achieve growth and innovation.

A survey among 500 business decision makers revealed that cultural and technological changes in the organization are key to the transformation. 

Nearly nine in 10 decision makers know the value of motivating and empowering employees to be their most creative selves.

Almost the same number emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology for success. Technology helps employees collaborate with each other regardless of physical location.

A quarter of those surveyed say motivating and empowering employees to be their most creative is one of their greatest challenges.

“It is critical that business leaders rethink everything from the organization's culture to the physical and digital tools they provide to their workforce to drive value and stay competitive in this new world of work,” said Jordan Sheridan, general manager of Modern Workplace, Microsoft Canada.

Eighty-four percent of respondents say modernizing how employees work, including the introduction of flexible hours and work arrangements, is important to business success.

"What we realize now is that communication flow within an organization is the most powerful creator of wealth, so we as business leaders need to find the synthesis between our physical and digital workspaces to facilitate this communication," said Bruce Mai, co-founder and CEO of Massive Change Network.

Marrying the digital and the physical is critical to the success of an organization.  Sixty-five percent of Canadian business leaders list, as their highest priority, designing a digital environment to improve business processes.

Eighty-six percent recognize that technology devices that make it easier for employees to do their job is critical.

Fifty-five percent of respondents said it is important to have an office space with fewer walls and more collaborative spaces.

“People need to work alone, in pairs and in different size groups throughout a creative process, and they need a range of devices that are mobile and integrated into the physical workplace.

Additionally, spaces should inspire people without compromising performance,” said Gale Moutrey, vice president of communications at Steelcase.

Finally, there is a need to keep work environments – physical and digital – in a secure environment that blocks threats.

Seventy-eight percent say security is a high priority, but fewer than three in 10 are confident that their organization is well protected against these security threats.

The study was a joint project of Microsoft Canada and Ipsos Canada and was conducted between November 27 and 30, 2017.

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