What does obesity mean for employee health?

How health concerns may be affecting your workplace productivity

How can you help employees living with obesity?

Obesity is a chronic disease that can’t always be controlled through changes to individual behaviours, such as healthy eating and exercise. People with obesity often experience unwelcome weight bias and stigma brought on by the disease, which negatively affects their wellbeing and mental health, and can prevent them from receiving the care they need.

However, by understanding the science of obesity and providing access to proven treatment options, employers can help their workers overcome obesity and begin a path to overall health and wellness.

Learn about the full impact and root causes of obesity, and the right way to address weight bias in the workplace and help employees take action.

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  • The truth about obesity and weight gain
  • The impact of obesity on employee health & on the workplace
  • How people with obesity have a difficult time getting care due to weight bias and stigma
  • Why employers should move towards an evidence-based care approach for people with obesity