Reskilling and upskilling for the Future of Work

The uncertainty of the pandemic is retreating, and now as the return to work is in full motion, leaders must place renewed focus on the Future of Work.

To rebound, reboot and achieve success after the disruption of COVID-19, how can organizations mobilize their current workforce through reskilling and upskilling? In what ways can HR leaders attract and retain top talent for a pipeline that is agile and equip today and for the future? To explore this, HRDC united a panel of experts in partnership with the University of Waterloo for an exclusive roundtable discussion of Reskilling and upskilling for the Future of Work. Executive panelists include:

Anne-Marie Fannon, Director, Work-Learn Institute, University of Waterloo
Darryl Wright, Talent and Future of Work Lead, Ernst & Young
Deborah Maynard, Chief Human Resources Officer, Coast Mental Health Beth Adamson, Learning Manager, Broker Enablement, Aviva Tara Ataya, Chief People and Diversity Officer, Hootsuite

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