The future of work & your talent pipeline: What is COVID-19 teaching us?

How organizations will need to rethink their talent management strategy.

Far sooner than anyone predicted, COVID-19 changed the world of work. The pandemic has disrupted workplace culture, accelerating the need for strategic initiatives in talent management. Key HR concerns like recruitment and talent retention have been altered dramatically. To keep up, hiring programs and HR strategies must be agile to best position your organization ahead of uncertainty.

Discover how employers are attracting, recruiting and retaining young talent in today’s challenging market. Access leading research insights and student/employer perspectives that highlight what is changing in the world of work. Learn how organizations will need to re-think and reset their talent management strategy for continued growth and success.

Watch this on-demand webinar from the University of Waterloo’s Work-Learn Institute and learn about:

  • Key trends in the future of work and the connections to co-op/work-integrated learning
  • Talents needed for Gen Z to be successful in the future workplace
  • What Gen Z is thinking in light of COVID-19