Hiring trends for 2023: The flight to quality

Top strategies to stem the tide of turnovers, disengagement and 'quiet quitting'

How are you dealing with the turmoil and uncertainty in the current economic and labor markets? How do you stem the rising tide of turnovers, disengagement, and “quiet quitting”?

The past few years have shown that there is critical need for higher quality in the HR industry – quality new hires, quality HR practices and quality technology.

Join this free industry session for an insightful discussion on this year’s hiring trends and the key strategies that can enable your organization to achieve efficient outcomes and be able to thrive amid a rapidly evolving HR landscape.  

Modern Hire’s Matt Goff and Eric Sydell will provide expert insights across:

  • Why quality of hire is the critical metric that will allow organizations to stem the tide of turnovers, disengagement, and “quiet quitting”  
  • Why 2023 is the year that ethical AI becomes a driving force in talent acquisition  
  • Why the “Intelligent Interview” provides a new key to hiring success using selection science and automation