Managing employee mental health through COVID-19 and beyond

Medical experts take on the pandemic’s impact on employee mental health and well-being

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a continuing source of stress for many people around the world, causing employees to experience higher levels of anxiety due to uncertainties around job security, health, finances, and the future.

This ongoing crisis shows just how important it is for employers to prioritize the mental well-being of their employees. Long term stress can lead to a serious decline in employee mental health if it isn’t managed effectively, and employers are uniquely positioned to support employees in managing stress, building resiliency, and connecting them with crucial services and support.

Watch this on-demand webinar from HR solutions experts from Virgin Pulse, Dr. David Batman and Dr. Gary Smithson, as they answer many of the most frequently asked questions related to employee mental health through and beyond COVID-19.

Watch now and gain insight into

  • New and increased risk factors of mental health due to COVID-19
  • Approaching employee coaching through Virgin Pulse sample coaching call
  • Supporting employee mental wellbeing during and after COVID-19