The evolution of leadership with hybrid work

Leading remotely presents unique challenges that leading in a face-to-face setting can't compare. Add a global pandemic to the equation, and it becomes crucial for leaders to adapt new strategies. What challenges do leaders face in a virtual setup?

To explore this topic further, HRD Talks sits down with Doron Melnick, National Lead for People and Change Consulting Services at KPMG, Sheryl Helsdon, HR Senior Director at Oracle Canada, and Caitlin Miller, Vice President of HR at Lactalis Canada, as they discuss the benefits and challenges of having a hybrid workplace and dig into key enablers to create engagement, equity, and productivity when managing a hybrid workforce.

 In this clip, our panelists discuss how leadership behaviors have changed since the pandemic and more recently, hybrid working.

 For more insights from the KPMG in Canada’s roundtable, watch: