intelliHR Performance Summit: The science of high performing businesses

What will leadership look like in 2021?

2020 has shown that a difference in leadership style can truly shape a company’s overall success. So, with that in mind, how can leaders make sure that their employees are reaching their full potential throughout these challenging times?

In this Industry Hot Take, intelliHR shares how to empower teams to reach their maximum potential by thinking differently and focusing on people and performance. We’ll take a deep dive into what sports and science can teach us about making businesses more successful.

Don’t miss this discussion on taking leadership to the next level. Join Robert Romage, CEO and Founder of intelliHR and Glenn Donaldson, intelliHR’s President of Americas as they discuss what leadership styles and techniques will be most effective in the coming year. 

Watch now and gain insight into:

  • Why are businesses are focused on performance right now
  • How businesses can help individuals reach their maximum potential
  • How organizational design impacts a business’ success

intelliHR Performance Summit: The Science of high performing businesses is a free virtual event for HR professionals and leaders who want to empower their teams to reach maximum potential. The Performance Summit will be focused on helping businesses think differently about their people and performance in 2021.

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