Utilizing equity plans to drive employee engagement in a post-pandemic world

Ensure your employees are educated and aware of the benefits you offer

As an HR professional, how do you keep remote employees engaged?

Equity plans are a proven tool for improving employee engagement, but communicating the value of such plans can be challenging. To overcome this, HR leaders need a robust campaign that fully outlines what the plans are and the value they offer employees.

Learn new and creative ways to communicate and engage with employees in this webinar from Computershare, a global leader in employee equity plans. Understand the best channels to use and the message to convey to improve employee engagement through equity plans, whether your workforce is in-office or remote.

Gain insight into:

  • Using equity plans as a tool for improved employee engagement in a changing work environment
  • Understanding employee priorities in today’s environment to improve communication
  • Creatively engaging your workforce through proven strategies
  • Delivering a positive employee experience to improve engagement
  • Offering unique solutions to each employee’s needs