Is your pension plan audit ready?

If you’re an employer whose pension plan doesn’t meet audit requirements… you could be in big trouble.

As an HR professional, how much should you be concerned with the compliance of your organization’s pension plans? Over the next five to seven years, pension regulators will be auditing all pension plans, and before this occurs, it’s critical for you and your organization to understand the key issues, potential weaknesses, and areas of concern auditors will be looking for in your employee pension plan.

This free, important webinar presented by Clarity Pension Consulting will prepare you as an HR professional for a pension audit from regulatory bodies like FRSA and CRA. Don’t miss this timely webinar and understand how you can:

  • Prepare your organization for a mandatory pension review
  • Be aware of pension plan liabilities and weaknesses auditors will be seeking
  • Requirements to remain compliant in a changing pension landscape
  • Learn about new products and strategies that reduce risk in your pension plan