Caregiver Leaves: Using benefits to enhance employee financial and mental health


Benefits programs that prioritize employee health during stressful life events are becoming more popular. Lengthy leave of absences are often only available to employees who are caregivers, particularly those who have young children or family members with critical or grave illnesses.

Organizations that offer benefits for an employee to take time off work during life transitions affirm employee value and increase loyalty.

Watch this free webinar hosted by AON and deep dive into the use of top-up plans to supplement available government benefits during longer caregiver leaves. Look into the results of a recent top-up trends survey in Canada and discover strategies for employee support during lengthier leave of absences.

Watch now and gain insight into:

• The benefits of leave of absences during transitional life events
• How top-ups are structured to aid your benefits plan
• How government policy affects the way employers view leave of absences
• How current policies influence top-ups