Tania Chaudry

Rising Stars 2019

HR supervisor

City of Penticton

In the three years that Tania Chaudry has been with the City of Penticton, she has continued to grow and expand her experience, most recently participating as a member of two collective bargaining committees that successfully ratified five-year agreements.

Chaudry also stepped up to help the city’s understaffed health and safety department process claims, follow up on first aid reports and generally keep things running smoothly. She also oversees planning for the city’s Long Service Awards, set up the framework for an exempt salary review, participated in the 2020 budget planning process and played a key role in implementing the city’s first-ever applicant tracking system.

“Tania is a trusted go-to member of the HR team who is regularly sought for her insight and ability to successfully connect with city leaders and staff,” says Kerri Lockwood, the city’s HR manager. “She has had a huge role in attracting, recruiting and onboarding a number of talented staff members, both union and exempt, who will continue to work on making the City of Penticton an amazing place to live, work and play.”