Stephanie Schiffmacher, People & culture generalist, Nature's Path

Stephanie Schiffmacher has been recognized as one of the top professionals of the HR industry in Canada by being listed in the 2018 edition of HRDC’s Rising Stars report

Rising Stars 2018

When Stephanie Schiffmacher joined Nature’s Path as an HR coordinator, she became part of a team in transition with a growing business and saw a disconnect between team members and HR, which she immediately focused on rectifying. Shortly after, she was promoted to generalist, which placed her in a position to make more significant changes and improve the trust in HR programs at Nature’s Path.

After taking over talent acquisition for the head office and global sales team, Schiffmacher started by reviewing past hiring successes and identifying the cultural and team fits that each represented, and then developed a program that facilitated more consultation with hiring managers while looking for even stronger culture fit. In addition, Schiffmacher made sure she was present at all interviews across North America to support managers through the challenging process of adding new long-term hires.

Schiffmacher also examined the performance management program and worked to simplify the process to allow performance management to support the work of team members rather than take away from their time with no added value. A strong component of analysis of the performance management program was to increase education around the program’s value, use and benefits. Changes were made to clarify the goal-setting process and tie in added incentives for those consistently exceeding expectations.