Turnpenney Milne LLP

Canadian HR Awards 2021

Best Labour & Employment Boutique Law Firm

Turnpenney Milne LLP was formed in May 2010 and focuses exclusively on Workplace Law. Our practice encompasses support with all aspects of the employment relationship, from the pre-hiring stage to termination, retirement and litigating post-employment obligations. We are recognized as a knowledgeable firm with a balanced perspective. Other lawyers and former clients routinely refer new clients, and we have enjoyed significant growth since our inception.

Turnpenney Milne LLP is known within the employment bar as a “big-firm” alternative, such that lawyers who work at the firm enjoy a high calibre of work and professional standards, while still maintaining the ability to prioritize other areas of their lives and achieve work-life balance. All Turnpenney Milne’s lawyers possess a strong background in labour and employment law, and are committed to demonstrating excellence, with the ultimate objective of being leaders in our field. A significant part of our practice involves acting as a neutral third-party investigator in a wide variety of workplaces.

We have worked in this capacity in both public and private sector organizations, many of which are unionized environments. We are retained on high-profile cases involving allegations of harassment, discrimination and misconduct. We also provide mediation, facilitation and associated conflict-resolution services, as well as a broad range of training. With respect to training, we develop and provide sessions of varying lengths on topics like the creation and maintenance of respectful workplaces, harassment, discrimination and violence, and on how to conduct investigations in accordance with best practices.