Fidelity Canada

Canadian HR Awards 2021

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

At Fidelity Canada, corporate social responsibility is embedded throughout our organization. One of our HR goals is to be recognized as an employer of choice, and one of the ways we aim to achieve this is by giving back to the community and enabling our employees to do so as well. Caring about others and the planet is important to us, our employees and prospective employees. How do we give back? We listen to our employees and act based on their feedback. They tell us what causes matter most to them and we try our best to support their causes through corporate donations and contributions on behalf of each employee. Examples of this are the #FidelityHeartChallenge Food Banks Canada fundraising initiative, our annual United Way campaign, our 19-year partnership with BGC Canada (formerly Boys and Girls Club of Canada), our annual CHUM/CP24 Christmas Wish Toy Drive and our many co-op student charity events, including their signature event, Capes for Kids, which raises funds for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. These are just some of the many ways that Fidelity Cares. Email: [email protected]

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