Workers are 'frustrated' over mundane tasks

Some routines have become such a buzzkill

Workers are 'frustrated' over mundane tasks

Would you rather be given a raise – or the chance to make an impact on your team?

For six in 10 office workers, the opportunity to do meaningful work is more important than any financial reward, according to a survey by cloud computing company ServiceNow.

But with 40% of office hours being spent on mundane, low-level tasks, workers are becoming increasingly frustrated over their job’s lack of meaning, the results suggested.

Nearly half of respondents believe they are only wasting their time, while a third feel their jobs don’t allow them to realise their potential.

Some routines have become such a buzzkill that workers would rather allot time to other banal activities outside of work than go through another dreary office task. According to ServiceNow:

  • 45% would rather clean their bathroom than figure out HR benefits
  • 37% would rather be stuck in traffic than troubleshoot a broken printer by themselves
  • 36% would rather stand in line to register for a driver’s license than troubleshoot an IT issue
  • 30% would rather take a call from a telemarketer than set up a new company computer

A positive employee experience means workers can cover fewer low-level routines with the help of technology so they can focus on more meaningful, value-adding tasks, ServiceNow said.

“Employees today want to know that they are realising their full potential at work, and companies need employees to be their best. Creating digital workflows that make routine work easier, simpler and faster frees up people to focus on the more challenging, essential and fulfilling aspects of their jobs,” said Pat Wadors, chief talent officer at ServiceNow. “That’s how value is created. Great experiences unlock productivity, for people and companies.”


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