Wanted: Grandfather, salary negotiable

A recent Craigslist position requires applicants to have at least ten years' experience as -- wait for it -- a granddad.

Wanted: Grandfather, salary negotiable

A heartwarming post has been listed on classified advertisement site, Craigslist, looking to hire a granddad in the UK.

“Wanted: one grandfather,” read the advert and lists several job specifications and requirements that a grandfather was expected to possess.

Lest one decides to retire prematurely, the ad is actually a social experiment by website, Usvsth3m.com, which tried to see if a person could rent an elderly man for grandfatherly duties after a similar occurrence happened in Japan.

The advert continued, “A position has opened up in my family for the role of a grandfather,” and requires applicants to have “at least ten years” experience as a granddad or in a “similar” role.

Should an applicant be selected, apart from being “passionate about getting up at 6am” and “falling asleep in front of the TV,” his duties will include:

  • Talking about the war and his role in it
  • Providing Werther’s Originals
  • Curing toothache with whisky
  • Forgetting his ‘grandchild’s’ name and calling them by their siblings’ and dog’s
  • Supervising gardening and potting shed work
  • Offering grandfatherly advice
  • Telling a bad joke
  • Tea drinking and biscuit dunking
  • Befriending neighbourhood cats
  • The occasional Sunday dinner

The role is also said to be a paid job and requires the newly-appointed grandfather to upload photos on Facebook, but not ‘selfies’.

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