Union slams anti-vaccine signs as 'demoralising for workers'

'You will be on trial for war crimes and held accountable'

Union slams anti-vaccine signs as 'demoralising for workers'

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) has condemned anti-vaccine posts at a local hospital that they claim is spreading misinformation about the jabs. The signs were posted on the windows and doors of Yorkton Hospital, which warns medical practitioners, doctors, and nurses of legal trial because of vaccinations.

"You will be on trial for war crimes and held accountable," read the sign, which also said that the statement: "'I was just carrying out orders' is not a legal defence.'"

The signs jotted down the list of duties of medical practitioners to their patients, where it made several allegedly false claims about the vaccines. It said that medical practitioners should tell their patients that the vaccine is experimental and does not guarantee immunity. It also claimed getting vaccinated could still spread the disease and cause damage and death - rumours that were all long debunked by medical experts on the jabs.

SUN on Twitter uploaded the misleading signs and said that it is disrespectful for health workers.

"Not only is this information completely false, it is hurtful, disrespectful, & demoralising for health workers who are giving their all (& have been for over 20 months). This must stop!" the union said on a tweet.

Tracy Zambory, the union's president, told CBC News that the claims made inside the misleading flyer were "garbage."

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"There is nothing written on that poster that deserves one second of conversation outside of the fact that it is misinformation filled with ignorance and garbage," she told CBC.

According to Zambory, the signs felt like "violence" and were threatening. She spoke with Yorkton MLA Greg Ottenbreit on the topic, who said that those behind it have lost human decency.

"There are people on all sides of this that have lost all human decency. Hug a healthcare worker today…" he said on a Facebook post.

The Yorkton Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said it is currently investigating the incident.

"The detachment is currently investigating this incident and encourages any members of the public with information to contact them," said the RCMP in a statement quoted by radio station CKOM.

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