Sustainability a top retention tool

A leading industry figure says environmentally-friendly employers are more appealing and have happier employees.

Sustainability a top retention tool
A leading figure in the field of sustainability has spoken out about the practice saying it’s not only good for the environment but it’s an invaluable attraction and retention tool too.

“Sustainability programs play a very significant role in attracting and retaining employees and then engaging those employees while they’re at work,” says Frances Edmonds, head of sustainability at HP Canada.

Considered the most environmentally responsible IT company in Canada, the firm has long championed sustainability and says it’s not only the right thing to do but also a savvy business decision.

“If you want to keep the best workers, if you want to attract the best workers coming out of school, if you want to lower your operating costs and you want to stay in business long term, you need to be thinking about these things very seriously,” she told HRM.

While social corporate responsibility is repeatedly cited as a make-or-break factor by millennials, Edmonds says it’s a major misconception that young employees are the only ones interested in the environment.

 “We definitely see it in millennial hiring – and that’s great to see those questions – but you shouldn’t be ignoring some of the older age groups because they are quite passionate about it as well,” she told HRM.

“While I’d say the millennials are more asking at the interview process, you’re also seeing the actions coming from the more mature employees so it’s definitely not just millennials,” she added.

“People are very passionate about this space and it’s just such a wonderful opportunity to do good, protect the planet, boost your business and engage your employees at the same time,” she stressed.

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