Sunny forecast for Canadian job market

Nearly half a million jobs will be created in the next five years but five industries in particular should expect major growth.

Sunny forecast for Canadian job market
Canada’s job market is looking rosy and experts predict we’ll add nearly half a million jobs in the next five years but it seems five industries in particular have exceptional growth to look forward to.

The average increase expected is three percent but some sectors are projected to increase by four times that amount – here are the predictions for the top five performers:

Community care facilities for the elderly
  • Increase of 13 per cent
  • 101,348 jobs in 2015 to 114,839 jobs in 2020
Home health care services
  • Increase of 12 per cent
  • 61,909 jobs in 2015 to 69,114 jobs in 2020
Child day-care services
  • Increase of 11 per cent
  • 121,727 jobs in 2015 to 135,140 jobs in 2020
Computer systems design and related services
  • Increase of 11 per cent
  • 183,660 jobs in 2015 to 203,210 jobs in 2020
Oil and gas extraction
  • Increase of ten per cent
  • 66,423 jobs in 2015 to 73,002 jobs in 2020
“The Canadian job market weathered the global economic downturn virtually unscathed,” says Mark Bania, managing director of CareerBuilder Canada, the company behind the recent figures.

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