Sex at work a-ok with employees

How many of your staff has gotten frisky in the office?

Sex at work a-ok with employees

It’s not uncommon for couples to have met at work, and it’s great when it all turns out well. Unfortunately for HR they usually only see work romances during the fallout stage so it’s understandable if you’re pessimistic about the idea.

However, it seems the majority of your employees are more positive about the possibility – according to a survey from business insider 55% of workers have had sex with a colleague and most have no problem with the idea. What’s more, half of those who had slept with a colleague said they had had sex in the office.

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What’s more, while just 14% of those who had office affairs slept with their boss, 35% admitted to sleeping with a subordinate.

It seems whether you are for it or against, sex among co-workers is a lot more common than people may think.

So how do the numbers break down?

  • 84% think sex with colleagues should be allowed
  • But 64% do not think managers should be allowed to have sex with their subordinates.
  • 92% don’t think HR needs to know about the relationship
  • 64% admit to hitting on an colleague, but 74% say they’ve been hit on.
  • Almost half (48%) of those who had sex with colleague had done it at the office.
  • Most (71%) said it had no impact on their productivity, while 15% claimed their productitive improved.
  • Of those who admitted to affairs, 90% said they were glad they had sex with their colleague.


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