Saskatchewan offers buy-outs to top health officials

At least 11 CEOs must go plus tens of VPs as the province pushes towards a combined health region.

Saskatchewan offers buy-outs to top health officials

All of Saskatchewan’s top health officials have been offered voluntary buy-outs as the province pushes towards a combined health region with only one CEO at the helm.

Currently, Saskatchewan’s 12 separate health districts are overseen by their own CEO with 62 vice presidents spread across the province – all were offered the package after plans to implement single entity approach were announced earlier this year.

Tracey Smith, assistant deputy minister for the Ministry of Health, hasn’t confirmed how many jobs will stay and admitted the province is still unsure about what will happen to who don't take the buyout.

“Once we understand who has expressed an interest, we will be assessing that,” she said earlier this week. “We also have to take into consideration the operational needs to the health regions and the fact that we definitely need leadership in the regions, particularly in this time of change.”

The change comes as the government continues to struggle with a billion-dollar deficit and – according to one ministry spokesperson – is expected to save the province between $10 million and $20 million by 2018-19.

The ministry says they expect the single health region to be implemented in the fall.

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