'Out' and proud in the workplace?

Are LGBTQ+ staff open to expressing their sexual identity in the office?

'Out' and proud in the workplace?

Only a third of creatives who identify as non-heterosexual, or LGBTQ+, are confident enough to come “out” in the workplace, a study on diversity and inclusion in Canada showed.

While coming out is a matter of personal preference, apprehension to express one’s identity freely could point to a much bigger concern, the research said.

The Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA), which released the study, is worried LGBTQ+ staff are refusing to open up out of fear it would affect their career or reputation.

In response to the survey findings, ICA President and CEO Scott Knox is spearheading the launch of Pride in Advertising and Marketing (Pride AM) in North America.

Pride AM was first established in the UK to improve the workplace experience and fight for the rights and representation of LGBTQ+ creatives.

The group holds mentoring and advocacy programs for members and raises questions on diversity and inclusion in advertising content.

“All the progress that we’ve made in diversity must be matched with as much attention to inclusivity,” said Knox, who will serve as president of Pride AM North America and was founding president of Pride AM UK.

“Pride AM is about creating an environment where LGBTQ creatives can be their genuine, authentic selves in the workplace,” Knox said. “It is incumbent on us as leaders in the community to step forward and make inclusion and diversity a reality, not just survey results.”



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