New platform takes aim at campus recruitment

Launched today, the new platform claims it will “change the face of campus recruitment.”

New platform takes aim at campus recruitment
An HR start-up offering a never-before-seen service to employers has officially launched its new platform today, amid claims it will “change the face of campus recruitment.”

The platform, GradsLikeMe, says it will give employers greater access to students and recent graduates from right across the country while simultaneously reducing hiring risk – but is there any weight to the claim?

Here, HRM caught up with co-founder Paul Brar to discuss the finer details of Canada’s most recent recruitment disrupter.

“Students typically don’t have as much experience as people in their mid-late 20s who have already had jobs so, as an employer, you’re taking on a lot more risk,” says Brar. “You don’t know the background or the history of the candidate so you’re really hiring them based on who they are and what their potential is.”

According to Brar, GradsLikeMe will help combat hiring risk as it allows jobseekers to create a comprehensive portfolio comprised of everything from university projects and academic achievements to video biographies and life experiences.

“It’s not just about if someone can do the work or are they capable – because most people are,” says Brar. “It’s all about their potential, what they bring to the table, if they fit with the rest of the team, if they fit with the corporate culture and values.”

Employers can also use the site to showcase their own company culture and highlight the benefits that may be on offer in order to attract the most desirable young talent.

“As an employer, if you can promote your corporate culture through videos, photos and brochures, then it gives young people who are applying a better sense of what it’s going to be like to work there,” says Brar.

“That’s really important because not only will it attract the people who you are looking for as a company but at the same time you’ll have people who really want to work for you versus people who may or may not know anything about your company.”

Perhaps most importantly, and a feature that sets the online jobs board apart from its competitors – is its ability to connect employers to potential employees from right across the country.

“A lot of businesses don’t have huge budgets or resources to do full-on campus recruiting – whether it’s having a fully-fledged dedicated recruiter or having a budget to advertise the jobs at various different schools,” says Brar.

“We’re finding that the recent grads or students who went to bigger schools tend to have more opportunities given to them compared to students that go to some of the smaller colleges because employers tend to post at the larger schools so the playing field isn’t level right now,” he explains.

“I get it, from an employer’s perspective, they only have so much time and money to post at certain schools but from my experience, there is talent and skills everywhere and you shouldn’t be disregarded because you went to a smaller school.”

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