Millennial women more open to mentorship

8 in 10 women say they guide female colleagues

Millennial women more open to mentorship

Almost half (46%) of working millennials collaborate closely with a mentor, while only 27% of workers over the age of 35 have one, a new study claimed.

Research from Catalyst Canada and American Express found younger employees – particularly women – were more likely to have a mentor compared to their older co-workers.

More than a third (34%) of female respondents were shown to work with a mentor, while 26% of them said they served as a mentor to their colleagues. The results indicated an increase from 2015, when only 24% of women said they had a mentor and only 20% served as one.

Overall, eight in 10 women said they guide female colleagues.

“While women do more to support other women, there still remains an untapped opportunity for men to do more to further equality and progress in the workplace,” said Catalyst Canada Executive Director Tanya van Biesen.

“Gender inequality in corporate Canada is not a women’s issue; it’s a critical talent issue and finding a resolution requires intentional leadership from both women and men. It’s encouraging to see how far we’ve come, but there is still a long way to go,” van Biesen said.

Catalyst Canada and American Express surveyed 1,440 Canadians workers over the age of 22 to find out how much they are willing to be involved in mentoring at work.


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