Lighter side: Singing ‘90s hits in the office is a no-no

Have you ever felt the urge to belt out your favourite tune at work? Here’s why you might want to think twice about serenading your colleagues.

Lighter side: Singing ‘90s hits in the office is a no-no
Shakespeare may have called music the food of love, but it seems that not everyone loves to hear a colleague singing while they work.

One employee discovered this when they received a written warning for misusing their vocal talents to sing a modified version of the ‘90s hit This Is How We Do It, by R&B artist Montell Jordan.

Their friend posted the warning notice on Reddit with the comment, “My buddy got written up at work after some complaints. His supervisor thought it was hilarious though.”

Under the section titled ‘details of occurrence’, the notice reads, “Complaints from employees: *name deleted* is singing loudly ‘This Is How We Glue It’ at the glueing station (sic).”

The suggestion under ‘how to improve’ simply reads, “Be quieter”.

The post prompted a flurry of comments about similar situations.

Someone with the username lousymom commented: “My buddy got fired from an inventory job once for counting everything like the Count from Seasame Street.”

Recklesshavoc added: “In the Marines, we were routinely asked to ‘secure that happiness’, whenever it seemed like we were having too good of a time on the job.”

What’s the strangest cause for disciplinary action you’ve seen?

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