Lighter Side: Kitten library is pur-fect employee perk

Employees say the novel perk not only helps homeless animals but improves the well-being of workers too.

Lighter Side: Kitten library is pur-fect employee perk
Forget a free snack-bar or foosball table – bosses at one office building in New Mexico have found the pur-fect employee perk in the form of a kitten library.

Officials at Dona Ana County first installed the feline facility – dubbed the Kitty Kondo – in an effort to find homes for kittens from the local shelter but what started out as an adoption drive has now become an effective employee engagement tool.

“It definitely relieves stress,” community planner Angela Roberson revealed. “How could it not?”

Another employee agreed and said the Kitty Kondo proved bosses are concerned about the welfare of animals as well as their own employees; “I think it shows that the county does care,” she told CBS News.

Clearly the Kitty Kondo went down a storm with employees but it’s also fulfilling its original objective – since it first arrived in the county’s office building just three years ago more than 100 kittens have been adopted.

Receptionist Becky Garcia – self-proclaimed “Madame of the Cathouse” – says employees are noticeably happier: “The joy, the smiles – I’ve seen so many smiles.”

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