Is this the most exciting thing in HR tech?

One industry expert shares his thoughts on the technological developments that are changing the entire HR experience.

Is this the most exciting thing in HR tech?
hnology is reinventing the entire HR experience but – according to one expert in the field – there’s one development that industry professionals should be particularly excited about.

“New technology is already enhancing the way HR professionals operate – cloud, social, mobile, analytics and the Internet of Things continue to transform the way we manage our resources, and collectively, impact the entire HR infrastructure,” says Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, executive advisor at IBM Kenexa.

“But, the next great leap forward in HR technology will be cognitive computing,” he asserts. “Harnessing the increasing volume of data overflowing in today’s society.”

According to Audrerie – an organizational psychologist and talent consultant – cognitive systems have the ability to act as “personal digital assistants” to help employees build their talent and guide them to informed career paths.

“By leveraging cognitive technology, HR leaders earn a deeper understanding of their candidates and employees, including their abilities, individual needs and preferences, and how they work with colleagues,” he told HRM.

“Insights pulled from these systems will ultimately help improve employee performance and bridge the gap between data scientists and HR leaders,” he continued.

Toronto-based Audrerie also revealed that he considered HR in the cognitive era as the most exciting thing happening in the arena right now.

“Cognitive computing is quickly gaining momentum in HR technologies and it’s disruptive,” he told HRM. “It’s a path that we know will impose new obligations for HR professionals.”

Jackie Ryan, IBM's director of workforce science and analytics, will be exploring the evolution of cognitive computing in a breakout session at the upcoming HR Leaders Summit. For more information on the November event, or to purchase advance tickets, click here.

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