Government approves disability funding for employers

Hundreds of projects were given the go-ahead yesterday with many businesses among those to benefit.

Government approves disability funding for employers
Hundreds of employers now have access to financial aid after the government approved the funding of 573 projects which seek to provide better access for people with a disability.

In May last year, businesses and community organizations were invited to apply for funding via the 2016 Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) – the call included both a Workplace and a Community Accessibility funding stream.

Under the EAF Workplace Accessibility Stream, eligible businesses and other employers – such as not-for-profit firms, social enterprises and small municipalities – were given the opportunity to submit funding proposals for projects that improve accessibility and safety for people with disabilities.

Employers could apply for funding to cover a variety of different areas including renovations, retrofits and construction of workplaces as well as the provision of information and communication technologies for community use that eliminate systemic accessibility barriers.

"Funded projects for Canadian businesses, community organizations and other eligible recipients will have a direct and positive impact in the everyday life of people with disabilities and their families,” said Carla Qualtrough, minister of sport and persons with disabilities.
“Together, we can help build a more accessible and inclusive society,” she added.

The Enabling Accessibility Fund has an annual budget of $15 million and since it first launched, the government has funded over 2,890 projects.

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