Google Canada’s unique hiring requirement

Potential employees won’t get far without this personality trait, reveals MD Sam Sebastian.

The managing director of Google Canada has spoken out about the importance of hiring for cultural fit, citing one of the company’s more unique recruitment requirements.

“We have a handful of attributes we hire for and Googliness is one of them,” Toronto-based Sam Sebastian told HRM.

“[That’s] your ability to collaborate, checking your ego at the door, supporting one another, you’re open and transparent, direct, you can manage through chaos and change,” he explained.

“All of those are intangibles that you have to look for because we move so fast and it’s such a crazy place that you want folks that embrace that and aren’t defensive about it,” he continued.

Sebastian, who has been with the company for over a decade, defined Google Canada’s culture as being “driven by challenge” and said it was imperative the company hired people who shared the same overall values.

“What really drives the culture and innovation here is solving big problems,” he stressed. “We attract folks who want to work on some of the biggest issues and challenges the world faces.”

Sebastian will be delivering a keynote speech about building a culture of innovation at the upcoming HR Leaders’ Summit, held in November.

He plans to address best practices for promoting a flexible and agile culture as well as the impact of technology – among other things.

For more information on the Toronto-based event, click here.

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