Fun Friday: Twitter bot exposes gender pay gap in companies

Some companies are hurrying to delete their tweets on International Women's Day because of it

Fun Friday: Twitter bot exposes gender pay gap in companies

Businesses better beware because a new Twitter bot is exposing a company's gender pay gap when they start posting about International Women's Day.

"Employers, if you tweet about International Women's Day, I'll retweet your gender pay gap," read the account's Twitter bio.

Through its tweets, the bot reveals a company's internal gender pay gap, whether women are paid higher, lower, or equal to their male counterparts within the organisation.

Twitter users are having a field day going through the bot's tweets as companies post about how they celebrate International Women's Day, only to be rebutted by the bot's revelation on their internal gender pay gap.

Many have kept their tweets up, while some have rushed to delete their posts after getting exposed.

"Not surprised and god bless the gender pay gap bot. Thank you for your service," one of the twitter users said.

"These are my heroines! Keep slaying, @PayGapApp!" another said.

"This bot is incredible and the best part is seeing all the deleted tweets from embarrassed orgs," said another user.

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Some companies that posted about International Women's Day have been exposed with a glaring pay gap where their women's median hourly pay is sometimes over 60% paid less than their men counterparts.

Of course, there are also companies that are shown to pay their staff equally. This includes Careline Lifestyles, The Contact Company, Abbeycroft Leisure, Community Integrated Care, and more.

The gender pay gap bot uses available data published by the United Kingdom government, which records differences in pay between men and women for companies with over 250 employees.

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