Firm fires woman threatening black man in viral video

'We do not tolerate racism of any kind,' the company said

Firm fires woman threatening black man in viral video

A New York woman who was seen on video threatening a black man at Central Park has been fired from her job at investment firm Franklin Templeton. The woman sparked outrage online after she was heard using the man’s race as an excuse for calling the police on him.

“Following our internal review of the incident in Central Park yesterday, we have made the decision to terminate the employee involved, effective immediately. We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton,” the company announced on Twitter.

The incident began when the woman, who was out with her dog in a wooded section of the park, was asked by the man to place her pet on a leash following park regulation. The man was purportedly concerned that the dog would endanger wildlife in an area meant for birdwatching.

The woman allegedly refused and began screaming when the man attempted to give the animal doggie treats. When the man started recording the encounter on his phone, the woman – who appeared distraught as she lifted her dog by the collar – headed towards the man and asked him to stop recording, or else she would call the police.

“Please call the cops. Please call the cops,” the man could be heard saying.

The woman replied: “I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.”

“Please tell them whatever you like,” the man said.

On her phone, the woman said: “I’m in the Ramble and an African-American man with a bicycle helmet – he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog. Please send the cops immediately.”

By the time the woman finished making the call, she had clipped the leash on her pet and the man had stopped recording.

The woman has since issued an apology: “I am well aware of the pain that misassumptions and insensitive statements about race cause and would never have imagined that I would be involved in [this] type of incident.”

The man said he was aware: “black men are seen as targets”. He said he decided to record the video because he believed it was important to document such encounters.

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