Far out Friday: Shocked employers share horror stories

An online poll has revealed the unbelievable antics of less-than-perfect employees. Can you relate?

Far out Friday: Shocked employers share horror stories
Has that confident go-getter who aced the interview actually turned out to be an arrogant gossiper threatening office morale? It’s okay, every HR professional has gotten it wrong at least once – just thank your lucky stars you’ve never had to handle one of these atrocious employees.

From watching porn openly at the office to dropping acid and stealing the company car – employers on a recent AskReddit poll have revealed their most shocking employee horror stories and many of them trump anything we’ve ever come across.

Failing to deliver

A Reddit user by the name of Guyuter, who ran a delivery service, revealed a former employee had taken drugs while on the job then proceeded to steal the company's car.

“The driver was let go because he dropped acid, took the van into New York City, went to a rave and then lost the van. We thought he died until the NYPD called about the van.”

Market research

“We had computer stations for setting up new contracts and customers in the front of the house,” explains one employer, Majoichigo, who ran a cell phone store.

“It was this guy's first day; we hear noises coming from the front of the store,” he continued. “There were definitely customers in the store and he loaded up porn on the front computer. He said he was doing ‘research for friend.’”

Medical discrimination

“I fired a guy for smoking weed in his office and walking around the floor with a packed bowl,” revealed user F**kSticksMalone.

“When I fired him, he started yelling medical discrimination. Then he posted to Yelp that we medically discriminated against him.'

Don’t sweat it

User ‘Anothercupoftea’ revealed he had fired a female employee after she came to work on her first day, hungover and wearing sweatpants.

“She showed up a half-hour late wearing Juicy sweatpants and obviously hungover. She didn't last.”

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