'Exceptional measure': Greece clarifies push for 6-day work week

New law does not establish six-day work week, minister says

'Exceptional measure': Greece clarifies push for 6-day work week

Greek Labour and Social Security Minister Niki Kerameus has clarified that the country's latest legislation to extend weekly working hours to some businesses does not introduce a six-day work week.

Kerameus told CNBC that the rule only introduces as an additional working day option as an "exceptional measure."

"It is important to note that this new regulation does not in any way affect the established five-day/40-hour working week mandated by Greek law, nor does it establish a new six-day working week," the minister told CNBC.

"All it does is provide only in limited circumstances for the option of an additional working day, as an exceptional measure."

The Greek government received backlash after passing a law that extends to 48 hours the weekly working hours for some businesses. This means employees have an additional two hours per workday or an additional working day with a pay increase depending on the day they rendered work.

Kerameus said the additional working day option is "permissible only in the case of an increased workload."

The new rule aims to protect employees from undeclared work, according to the official, echoing the explanation from Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

"Most countries in Europe have similar provisions for exceptional additional working days. So, Greece is not doing anything different," she added.

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