Blue Jays sick-day epidemic expected

Inconvenient afternoon games have pushed players and supporters alike to predict a wave of “sick days” across Ontario.

Employers across Ontario are expecting a wave of poorly-explained absences as the Blue Jays have made the play-offs for the first time in 22 years.

Players and supporters alike have bemoaned the scheduling – both games begin mid-afternoon – with many predicting a mysterious outbreak and a wave of sick days across the region.

Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher R.A. Dickey took an honest approach and called on employers to let avid fans have the day off. 
  Understandably, fans were quick to respond with some asking if the American-born pitcher could write them a get-out-of-work note.

But it might not be such a bad idea to let employees have the day off – one Twitter user praised her employer for being so flexible.

“I’m really lucky, my husband’s really lucky,” Stefanie Swift Doyle said in a Twitter message to the Star. “We both have jobs that are really accommodating to our schedules, especially when something as amazing as the Jays making the playoffs happens.”

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