B.C. confirms changes to minimum wage

Canada’s westernmost province announced the plan earlier today with amendments due to come into force in September.

B.C. confirms changes to minimum wage

Canada’s westernmost province has announced plans to raise its minimum wage with changes expected to come into force in mid-September.

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark confirmed today that the minimum wage will rise by 50 cents to $11.35 an hour – liquor servers are also expected to see a 50 cents rise, taking their rate to $10.10 per hour.

The raise is the second part of a two-stage plan which Clark first announced last May and means B.C. will soon have the fifth-highest minimum wage in Canada, behind Alberta,  , Nanavut, Northwest Territories and Ontario.

The ministry also said it plans to announce more details on increases in the daily rates for live-in home support and camp leaders, monthly rates for resident caretakers and the pay rates affecting farm workers harvesting certain fruits and vegetables.

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