47% of Canadians want mandatory vaccines in workplace reopening policies

Managers are more inclined to require jabs before office return

47% of Canadians want mandatory vaccines in workplace reopening policies

Nearly half of Canadians want vaccinations to be required prior to their return to the workplace, a new study has revealed. Released today, The Mental Health Index by Lifeworks found that 47% of surveyed individuals said they wanted "mandated vaccination policies for the return to the workplace."

Only 33% of respondents don’t want employers to require vaccinations for office return, while another 20% said they are unsure. Managers are 20% more likely to want mandated jabs prior to office return than non-managers, according to Lifeworks.

Paula Allen, senior vice president, research and total wellbeing at Lifeworks, added: “The pandemic created a lot of fear and uncertainly and right now we are seeing new fears and uncertainties as we are planning to return to the workplace. As employers are considering their return-to-workplace plans and policies, they should be aware that employees need to understand the consideration and support for their wellbeing as a part of the plan, and the tangible actions the employer is taking and that they can take.”

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