4 in 5 Canadians ‘motivated’ at work

What drives Canadians to do their best? A new study reveals their top motivations

4 in 5 Canadians ‘motivated’ at work

Achieving personal goals in the workplace may be the start of a more fulfilling career, according to 75% of Canadians surveyed by Léger.

This means employees across the country are able to find personal satisfaction in their line of work. In fact, an overwhelming majority feel ‘very engaged’ (90%) and ‘motivated’ (81%) in their career, the study commissioned by office supplies distributor Hamster found.

By generation, 89% of Baby Boomers (aged 55 and above) are said to be satisfied in the workplace, followed by 84% of Millennials (under 35).

However, Generation X workers – who take on a wide range of personal and professional responsibilities all in all – seem to be least satisfied with work. Almost one in five Gen Xers claim to be ‘dissatisfied’, the results showed.

“For Canadian employers, it is important to identify what motivates workers the most to ensure happiness at work,” the analysts wrote. They identified the following as the two strongest workplace motivators:

  • Achieving personal goals (45%)
  • Building interpersonal relations (22%)

Overall, Canadian employees reportedly exhibit a ‘very high’ degree of attachment to their duties and responsibilities, compared to their superiors who feel slightly less connected to their job:

  • 80% – workers
  • 65% – employers
  • 62% – supervisors

“All sectors in Canada are facing significant challenges in talent acquisition and retention,” said Denis Mathieu, President and CEO of Novexco, which operates Hamster.

“Employees are the most important resource for a company,” he said. “We believe it is essential to fully understand their aspirations and needs to better meet them in order to have a competitive advantage.”

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