Adapting the candidate experience for today's world of work

Remote working and hiring are here to stay – but come with new challenges

Adapting the candidate experience for today's world of work

Hiring has, in many ways, changed forever and employers need to improve the candidate experience accordingly, modifying their messaging and practices.

Following the upheavals that the pandemic has brought to the recruitment landscape, this ebook from Indeed outlines the importance of adapting the candidate experience to the new world of work.

Directed at HR and TA decision makers working for large companies (1000K) but of interest for any size company, the e-book talks about changes in recruiting with the rise of remote hiring and onboarding, how that changed the experience for some while complicated it for others – namely frontline workers – to adapt to the "new normal".

Sign up now and gain insight into:

  • How companies can pivot their processes to hire more effectively
  • How these processes differ when hiring office workers versus frontline workers
  • The trends that are likely to stick around after COVID-19

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